Advertising Policy

The purpose of our advertising policy is to ensure that the advertisements we carry, in no way violate any laws, or are derisive or hurtful of any religion or community. We therefore adhere to the following basic rules when placing advertising, sponsors logos or advertorial material of any kind in our cinema network:

  • SDC TechMedia Limited reserves the right to determine the acceptability of any advertisement and its decision shall be final. A formal Advertising Agreement shall be entered into, which shall specify all the terms and conditions of engagement.
  • All requests to screen spots in Theatres must be sent to us in defined Release Orders format only.
  • Acceptance of an advertisement or sponsorship by SDC TechMedia Limited should under no circumstances be construed as an endorsement of or support for the advertised or sponsored product / brand or the company manufacturing, distributing, marketing or otherwise associated with the product / brand.
  • SDC TechMedia Limited will only carry advertising and sponsorship material that complies with our ethical and professional standards - including but not limited to matters of good taste, accuracy, public policy, sound health-care practices, honesty and Government regulations.
  • No advertising associated with firearms, ammunition, pornography, tobacco or gambling will be carried.
  • It is incumbent upon our advertisers to comply with local and international rules and regulations regarding the advertising of their products.
  • It will be the responsibility of the Advertiser to get all the advertising material duly cleared by all clearance authorities such as Censor Board, Trade Associations etc as the case may be.
  • SDC TechMedia Limited reserves the rights to publish, reject, move or remove any advert or sponsors' logo without giving any notice to the affected advertiser or sponsor. Without derogating from the generality of the foregoing, SDC TechMedia Limited specifically reserves the right to remove advertising and sponsorship material should such material contravene any of the rules here listed or in any way infringe on the integrity or good reputation of the SDC TechMedia Limited network.
  • Deadline for placement for advertisements shall be two weeks prior to the exposure of the ad in the theatres.
  • Advertisers and advertising agencies jointly and severally agree to be responsible for payment to SDC TechMedia Limited.
  • SDC TechMedia Limited reserves the right to refuse or cancel any advertisement.
  • Advertiser and Agency both agree that it will indemnify and hold harmless SDC TechMedia Limited, its Directors, Officers, Employees and Agents from all liabilities, including reasonable attorney's fees and other costs of defense, arising from any actions or claims for libel, slander, disparagement, trade libel, invasion of privacy, or other causes of action resulting from the exposing the commercial of the Advertiser.

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