Investor Relation
Disclosures under Regulation 46 of the LODR
Corporate Announcement

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01.Notice for Board Meeting to consider Un-Audited Financial results for the half year ended 30th September, 2019
02.Intimation - Email.ID
03.Intimation - Website
04. Closure of Trading Window-31.03.2020
05.Notice of BM-31.03.2020
06. Extension of AGM-31.03.2020
07.Closure of Trading Window-30.09.2020
08.Notice for BM-30.09.2020
09.Intimation of BM
10.Book Closure- SDC
11.Notice of AGM-SDC
12.Submission of Annual Report-SDC
13.Covering Letter for Voting Results
15. Intimation- Resignation of Statutory Auditor
16.Intimation under Reg 30
17.Submission of PB Notice
18.Covering Letter for Scrutinizer's Report
20.BM Outcome
21. Closure of Trading Window-31.03.2021
22.Board Meeting Intimation
23.BSE Covering Letter- Deferment of Board Meeting
24.BM Notice-31.03.2021
25.Extension of AGM
27.Notice for BM-30.09.2021
28.BM_Notice for Deferment of BM
29.Notice for BM-30.09.2021
30.Rescheduling of BM
31.Notice of AGM
32.Reg 34
33.Regulation 42
34.Closure of Trading Window-31.03.2022
35. Notice of BM- 31.03.2022
37. Notice of BM
38. BM - Deferment
39. Appointment of CS cum Compliance officer
40. Contact details of KMP
41. Resignation of CS
42. Notice
43. Extension of AGM_SD
44. Resignation of CFO
45. Notice - Closure of Trading Window_S
46. BM_Notice SDC 04.11.22 SD 30.09.2022
47. BM_Notice Reg 42
48. BM_Notice Reg 34
49. BM_Notice Reg 30
50. Outcome AGM
51. Scrutinizers Report
52. Authorization and Contact details of KMP
53. Notice - Closure of Trading Window
54. Appointment of CFO
55. Authorization and Contact Details of KMP
56. BM_Notice_Reg-29(1)(a)

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